Workplace safety posters

The following posters are intended to be printed and displayed at a variety of workplaces:

6 steps to risk management posterDetails steps to risk management including identifying the hazard, identifying the risk, assessing the risk, controlling the risk and documenting, monitoring and reviewing.
Manual tasks and liftingProvides advice to follow proper lifting techniques and maintain good posture to help reduce injuries.
Slips, trips and fallsProvides advice on how to avoid slipping, tripping or falling in the workplace.
Failure to report incidents is an offence posterInformation for individuals and body corporates concerning the responsibilities and procedures for dealing with incidents in a number of scenarios.
The safe risk management model posterUses the acronym SAFE as a reminder about risk management principles.
Safe work made simple posterA simple step by step approach to safe work.
Hazardous substancesRecommends reading safety data sheets before using hazardous chemicals.

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