Shotfirer licensing


Prior to applying for a shotfirer licence you must submit a Request for Authorisation of Explosives.

The operation of explosives in the ACT requires a licenced shotfirer.

A shotfirer licence is not required for the following circumstances:

  • use of any of the following explosives:
    • general use firework;
    • model rocket motor;
    • a safety cartridge; or
    • an explosive power tool cartridge;
  • use of a firework under a fireworks display permit; or
  • use of a distress signal in an emergency or for a test to prepare for an emergency.

Mutual Recognition

If you are the holder of a licence issued by an interstate regulator you can apply in the ACT through a mutual recognition process. Mutual recognition allows individuals who are licensed interstate to be issued with the equivalent licence in the ACT without the requirement of showing qualifications and experience.

You can apply by completing an Application for Mutual Recognition (Online).

Your Obligations

As the holder of a shotfirer licence it is your obligation to ensure that:

  • any explosives used are authorised for use in the ACT and authorised for use by the licensee;
  • any explosives used are used only for the purposes stated under the licence;
  • safety management plans are established and maintained for any site where explosives are used;
  • only security cleared persons named on the licence are permitted unsupervised access to the explosives;
  • any changes or amendments to the licence are cleared by Access Canberra; and,
  • all relevant records are maintained.

Forms and Fees

You can apply by completing an Application for a Shotfirer Licence (DOC 311KB) or (PDF 274KB).

For current fees go to the Dangerous Substances (Fees) Determination 2020

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