Working on electrical meters


24 November 2016

An incident has occurred highlighting the need for electricians to fully test the work site for live conductors before they start work and during the work task.

An independent metering contractor was replacing an electricity meter and failed to test all the conductors, incoming (Line side) and outgoing (Load side) for being live, after removing the supply fuses. It turned out there was a Neutral transposition with another tenant in the installation and the neutral conductor on the load side of the meter was still live. No electric shock or injury to the worker, but the tenants installation suffered severe damage from having the neutral disconnected.

Action required

All electricians involved in electricity metering are advised to test all the conductors before the meter is removed and after, to ensure they are not accidently working with live conductors.

Further information

For further information contact WorkSafe ACT on 13 22 81 or email

This Alert contains information emerging during an investigation by WorkSafe ACT into the mentioned incident at the date of this report. The information contained in this report does not necessarily reflect the final outcome of WorkSafe’s views or proposed actions with respect to this incident. WorkSafe ACT does not warrant the information in this report is complete or up-to date and does not accept any liability to any person for the information in this report, or its use.

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