Compliance and enforcement policy

WorkSafe ACT’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy (the Policy) is the keystone document for WorkSafe ACT’s overall compliance framework. The policy sets out our approach to regulation, key principles and what tools we can utilise to garner compliance with the law.

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (the Act) sets out the following requirements for a compliance and enforcement policy:

  • The aims of compliance and enforcement activity for the office;
  • The key principles underpinning compliance and enforcement activity to be carried out by the office;
  • The approach the office must take in relation to monitoring compliance;
  • The compliance and enforcement tools to be used by the office;
  • Guidance material about enforcement, investigation and prosecution recommendation criteria to be applied by the office; and
  • Any other matter relating to the compliance and enforcement functions of the office, prescribed by regulation.

The policy must be reviewed every four years and recognises the National Compliance and Enforcement Policy and incorporates the dangerous substances legislation administered by WorkSafe ACT.

The policy is supported by standard operating procedures (SOP’s) being updated to reflect current practice.

The WHS Commissioner must consult the Minister and the WHS Council in the development of the plan. Once the plan is notified, the Commissioner has 10 days to provide a copy to the Minister. The Minister must present the Strategic Plan to the Legislative Assembly within 6 sitting days after receiving the plan.

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