Operation Safe Prospect

Operation Safe Prospect, which began in August 2020, is WorkSafe ACT’s ongoing campaign to improve safety standards in the residential construction industry.

Under Operation Safe Prospect, inspectors are visiting greenfield sites across Canberra to make sure safety measures are being followed in residential construction, with the aim of improving health and safety working conditions in the construction industry.

Since Operation Safe Prospect began, WorkSafe ACT has consistently seen the same issues at residential construction sites, including:

  • Risk of falls from heights due to unsafe scaffolding
  • Site security due to non-secure fencing
  • A lack of signage
  • Lack of basic facilities such as toilets
  • Risk of slips trips and falls due to poor housekeeping and untidy sites
  • Not following safe work method statements

Our inspectors take regulatory action when they identify health and safety risks, or offences against the WHS Act or Regulations. Where they identify a safety concern, they may issue one of the following:

  • Improvement Notice
  • Prohibition Notice
  • Infringement Notice
  • Prosecution.

Operation Safe Prospect – notices issued

LocationDateImprovement notices Prohibition notices Infringement notices
Denman Prospect 19 and 21 August 35 16 1
Watson 2 and 4 September 31 9 1
Ginninderry 2 October 10 1 0
Taylor 13 October 23 4 4
Throsby 4 November 42 12 4
Total* - 141 42 10

*Data is accurate at the time of publishing and subject to revision.

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