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21 November 2023News ItemNew Managing Psychosocial Risks at work Code of Practice
15 November 2023Media Release WorkSafe ACT beings enforcing the Code of Practice for Managing Silica Dust in the Workplace
23 October 2023News ItemSafe Work Month 2023: Week 4 - All Workers, All Workplaces
19 October 2023Media ReleaseRepeat Offenders in Residential Construction Put on Notice
16 October 2023News ItemSafe Work Month 2023: Week 3 - ACTPS & New ACTPS Strategy
16 October 2023Media ReleaseWorkers' Compensation in the ACT
9 October 2023News Item Safe Work Month 2023: Week 2 - Psychosocial Hazards
6 October 2023News Item Translated Guidance Notes
5 October 2023News ItemSafe Work Month 2023: Week 1 - Vulnerable Workers
3 October 2023Media Release National Safe Work Month 2023
22 September 2023News ItemNEW Codes of Practice coming into effect in November
12 September 2023News ItemSafe Work Month 2023 theme and campaign launch
12 July 2023News ItemReminder: Workplace Sexual Assault is now a notifiable incident
3 July 2023News ItemNew ACT Asbestos Advice Notice for use from 1 July 2023
9 June 2023News ItemSexual assault is now a notifiable incident in the ACT
6 June 2023Media releaseAgnew Building Supplies Pty Ltd Sentencing
1 June 2023News ItemSexual Assault Changes for PCBUs
19 May 2023News ItemReminder: Silica training must be completed by 1 July 2023
6 April 2023Media StatementPotential Privacy Breach with Canberra Health Services
31 March 2023Media releaseCross Border Cooperation focused on Workplace Safety
16 March 2023Media releaseChanges to WorkSafe ACT's Prosecutions Model Recommended
16 February 2023Media releaseCapitol Chilled Foods Sentencing


7 December 2022Media releaseWorkSafe ACT Operation Safe Prospect Campaign
4 October 2022Media releaseNational Safe Work Month 2022
25 August 2022News itemRequest for Information: Changes to Silica Dust Requirements
19 August 2022Statement

A Statement by the WHS Commissioner: Issuing of prohibition notice to the Legislative Assembly

21 July 2022Media releaseRemembrance service for Ben Catanzariti
13 July 2022StatementStatement from the WHS Commissioner: Compliance with the Work Health and Safety Amendment Regulation 2022 (NO1) Crystalline Silica
29 June 2022Media releaseWorkSafe ACT launches Residential Construction Strategy 2022-2024
9 June 2022Media releaseWorkplace fatality sentencing
25 May 2022Media releaseOperation Safe Prospect and the Residential construction industry
3 May 2022Media releaseWorkSafe ACT launches Strategy to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders
28 April 2022Media releaseWorkers' Memorial Day and World Day for Safety and Health at Work
27 April 2022Media releaseSafety incidents at Groovin The Moo
19 April 2022Media releaseChildren's Play Centres
25 March 2022Media releaseSentencing for 2016 workplace fatality
28 February 2022Media releaseBetter Building Holdings pleads guilty
18 January 2022Media releaseOccupational lung diseases Strategy and management of silica dust at construction sites


22 December 2021Be kind to our retail workers this season
14 December 202147 residential construction sites visited in Taylor
9 December 2021WorkSafe ACT and ACT Policing investigating worker fatality
26 November 2021WorkSafe ACT issues 500 Labour Hire Licences under new scheme
12 November 2021WorkSafe ACT findings on workplace fatality
10 November 2021WorkSafe ACT launches new Young Workers Strategy
7 October 2021Launch of the ACT's first psychosocial hazards strategy
23 September 2021Update on WHS and COVID-19 campaign in residential construction sector
16 September 2021WHS and COVID-19 obligations lacking in residential construction sector
2 September 2021Commercial construction: back to work
27 August 2021Stress, isolation and job insecurity: workplaces asked to review how they manage psychosocial hazards in lockdown
17 August 2021Supporting essential workers during the ACT COVID-19 lockdown
15 August 2021Non-essential construction work during the ACT COVID-19 lockdown
5 August 2021Serious penalties for industrial manslaughter conviction
27 July 2021Milestone reached in new Labour Hire Licence scheme
5 July 2021Naidoc Week
28 April 2021Remembering the contribution of workers
23 April 202131 Improvement notices issued in Throsby
7 April 2021Audits conducted to improve work health and safety in childcare centres
9 March 202119 improvement notices issued in Ginninderry
22 February 202177 notices issued in Denman Prospect
17 February 2021More safety concerns at Denman Prospect
25 January 2021Feeling the heat?  Stay safe and keep cool if you're working outdoors

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Construction industry newsletters

Date Lead story
February 2020 edition Guilty plea for 2016 workplace fatality
January 2020 edition Priorities for 2020 and precast concrete panel audit program
November 2020 edition High vis vest causes first degree burns
September 2019 edition National safe work month events
July 2019 edition Work-related hand and wrist injuries
June 2019 edition Precast concrete panels
May 2019 edition Health and safety committee training
March 2019 edition Update on the review of the HSR and HSC legislative changes
February 2019 edition Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill
December 2018 editionWorking in hot weather

Historic Construction industry newsletters

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