Report a Workplace Concern

If you see something that doesn’t feel right in a workplace and you’d like to say something, you can submit a report by completing the Report a workplace concern or issue form.

A workplace issue can include any physical, biological, chemical ergonomic or psychosocial issue in your workplace.

A report to WorkSafe ACT may be submitted anonymously or you can identify yourself. If you would like to receive a response to your report or enquiry, then please provide your contact details.

If you would like to attach an image or other information to support your report or enquiry, please browse to the file and upload it using the 'Attach documents or image/s' function below.

If your report or enquiry is related to a specific work site or area, you can use the map below to mark the location.

Please note: As a means of protecting your personal information this page has been set to timeout after 30 minutes. All submissions made after this period has expired may be lost.

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