Inspection and maintenance of skip bins


30 November 2018

A recent incident involving hook lift bins and pertaining securing systems have identified inadequacies in the maintenance and inspection procedures of transport enterprises and owners of waste bins.

Contributing factors

Last weekend a lifting ring on a bin as it was being lifted snapped before the hook bin left the ground, no other damage or injury was caused.

Action required

Companies operating with bins are required to;

  • ensure regular maintenance and inspection systems;
  • ensure that bins are not overloaded; and
  • respond immediately to any reports of maintenance or safety concerns by drivers, workers or customers.

When delivering or collecting bins, drivers are required to:

  • check lifting points of the bin for wear and cracks in the metal before it goes to the customer;
  • check the load to ensure it is not too heavy or the bin is not overloaded;
  • notify customers of acceptable fill levels of the bin they are using;
  • ensure a safe lifting zone is maintained at all times; and
  • report any damage to your employer and label defective bins.

Employers are reminded of their duty of care to maintain and repair equipment as scheduled by the manufacturer or; when maintenance issues are identified and reported by employees or customers.

Ensure that employees transporting and removing bins are appropriately trained and instructed in safe work practices; including how to inspect, identify and report faults or repairs.

Further information

This alert contains safety information following inquiries made by WorkSafe ACT about an incident or unsafe practice.

For further information contact WorkSafe ACT on 13 22 81 or email

This Alert contains information emerging during an investigation by WorkSafe ACT into the mentioned incident at the date of this report. The information contained in this report does not necessarily reflect the final outcome of WorkSafe’s views or proposed actions with respect to this incident. WorkSafe ACT does not warrant the information in this report is complete or up-to date and does not accept any liability to any person for the information in this report, or its use.

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