Work Health and Safety Training and Assessment

The model WHS laws include requirements for workers to complete specific training and assessment before they can undertake certain work or roles; this includes:

  • Health and Safety Representative training
  • Construction Induction training (i.e. White Card)
  • First aid training
  • High Risk Work training and assessment
  • Asbestos assessment or removal training, and
  • WHS entry permit holder training.

Although the model WHS laws do not specify how training must be delivered, in practice, most WHS Regulators require training be delivered ‘face-to-face’.

The COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting the ability of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver face-to-face training. Commonwealth, state and territory WHS regulators are working together to develop national guidance on WHS training and assessment, including delivery methods, for training impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. All stakeholders agree they want to keep WHS training and assessment going to the extent possible.

Note: All WHS Regulators have agreed that no compliance action will be taken in relation to the first aid training requirements in regulation 42 of the model WHS Regulations where first aid training is not available because of COVID-19.

Discussions are ongoing for other WHS training and assessment. In the interim, you will need to contact your WHS regulator to obtain their policy on other WHS training and assessment impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If your business operates across more than one jurisdiction, you may need to contact more than one WHS regulator.

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