National Safe Work Month: October 2020

Work health and safety through COVID-19

October is National Safe Work Month (NSWM), which is a time to commit to building and maintaining safe and healthy workplaces.

This year’s theme is ‘work health and safety through COVID-19’, which acknowledges and reflects the wide-reaching impact of COVID-19 in local workplaces.

NSWM gives us the opportunity to make sure work health and safety remains a top priority.

COVID-19 has affected every Australian workplace and presents a range of complex work health and safety challenges, including risks to physical and mental health.

NSWM is a time to build awareness of work health and safety, encourage discussion about safety at work and share best practice.

Whatever the work environment, as we face the challenge of COVID-19, good work health and safety practices and risk management are more important than ever.

WorkSafe ACT will continue monitoring workplaces to make sure they have a COVID safe plan in place, as well as offer psychological health and safety supports through the Mentally Healthier Workplaces initiative.

As part of NSWM, WorkSafe ACT has launched Territory specific webinars and links to resources to support employers and workers. As part of WorkSafe’s Healthier Work program, it has introduced a Healthier Work Day photo competition.

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